Managing Editor:

Salman Ali

Managing Editor for the Houston Rocket's blog Host of The Red Nation Hoops Podcast. Tweet opinions, stats, rumors, and information.

The Staff:

Paul ("Harden's Intellect")

Name's Paul. Screw Andrew Bogut, JJ Barea, Damian Lillard, and Yao Ming's foot. I write. Ruthless.

Taylor Pate

Dad/Husband first. I think I understand the NBA. I don't understand the Rockets. IT Nerd for Neighbors Emergency Center. Contributor at

Jorge C. Flores Jr.

Yearly pilgrimage to WrestleMania. Tortured fan of the Houston Rockets.

Alykhan Bijani

Houston Rockets news, film analysis, rumors, and game updates. Contributor/Writer - ESPN Houston (@ESPN975). Also @DreamShakeSBN and @RedNationHoops #FarisStrong

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