Rockets 116, Kings 81 - Taking Care of Business

Tonight, the Rockets dominated the Kings "B" squad. The team played well and took care of business. No matter how bad the Kings lineup was tonight, there's something to be said about dominating the teams you're supposed to dominate. Everyone got involved. The Rockets have now won 3 straight games by a margin of 20+ points. It's hard to remember the last time that happenened

This was exactly what the Rockets were supposed to do. After a disappointing loss to Phoenix, the delivered for the first time all year. Maybe they're focused, maybe (probably) this is just fool's gold. Either way, the Rockets have made the playoffs and will face a historically great Golden State team in the first round. 

So it comes down to this - the Rockets have a chance to right all their wrongs. The odds might be microscopic, but there's still a chance. Houston's season lives on. Whatever you think of the team, perhaps they can change your mind with a valiant effort against this jaugernaut in golden State.

Besides, who can really complain about playoff basketball? It's the best time of the year. Even if they disappoint you, you'll still love them. Because Rockets. Because basketball. 

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