Warriors 115, Rockets 106 - No Curry, No Difference

The Rockets and their fans have something in common.
They're both ready for this season to end.

Tonight the team showed general indifference. Dwight Howard just kind of stood around on both ends and occasionally finished at the rim, James Harden just kind of stood around late in the game, and everyone else on the team followed along. The lack of discipline, focus, and desire was apparent throughout the game.

What's even more frustrating is with Stephen Curry out with an ankle injury, one could make the case that this game was pretty obtainable. When things got close in the 4th quarter, a series of off-ball, frustration fouls, sealed their fate. Although Curry was gone, the team had a ton of trouble with Klay Thompson - lots of miscommunication which is a season long problem.

The team doesn't have a set rotation, and a lot of the blame is on JBB. He just kind of throws lineups out there and sees what sticks. If he were doing this earlier in the year when he first got the job and was trying to find something that worked, that'd be fine. The problem is, it's playoff time and no rotation has been set. This isn't a video game. NBA players need structure to find consistency within their roles. You can't just constantly try to piece together lineups on the fly game after game. At some point, you have to pick something and stick to it, regardless of it underperforms or not. Perhaps rumored head coaching candidate Jeff Van Gundy will help with all this.

This series is exactly why getting the pick was a better idea. Now, the Rockets play 2 more games until elimination. By Sunday, it should all be over, officially.

JBB is not ready to be a head coach, Patrick Beverley can't be one of the 4 best players on your team, and Dwight Howard isn't a max guy anymore. It's time to move on. It's time to find a new coach, and see what happens in the offseason.

There's no doubt it'll be nice to enjoy the playoffs once Houston is eliminated, because Rockets.

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