Want to write about the Rockets? Here's your chance.


As we prepare for what should be a very entertaining and newsworthy 2016-17 season for the Houston Rockets, Red Nation Hoops is looking to add new, talented writers to join our team and help us cover the team. If you're interested in joining the staff in any capacity (writing, social media, news aggregation, etc..), here's your chance.

Covering the Rockets for a website can be a very enjoyable experience, but no one man can go about it alone. It takes a great group of writers and supporters to really do it the right way. As the site continues to grow, we've decided to finally open it up to the public for any would-be writers interested in covering the team for Red Nation Hoops and coming along for the ride.

About Us

Red Nation Hoops is a fairly new Houston Rockets blog that's been around for about a year now. We're a fun group of individuals who also happen to be passionate followers of the team just like yourselves. Each member brings a unique opinion, voice, talent, and skillset to the table that helps us create such great content. Everything that's accomplished here is really a group effort.

If you're interested in being apart of our team, please continue reading!

You Must Be:

  • An avid follower of the Houston Rockets.

    • This means watching most games and being up-to-date on any news and rumors.

  • Able to have a broader perspective of the NBA at large. You aren't covering the league, but have a good idea of what's going on outside of the Rockets.

    • It's important to note, most of the writers on staff keep up with the NBA so if you do too, it helps your chances of getting in.

  • Team players who are ultimately here to contribute to the website and support your fellow writers

  • A fan with a unique perspective and strong opinions about the Rockets who's able to communicate them through writing in a clear and concise manner.

  • Able to back up any argument made with statistical evidence, visual evidence, and/or reason.

  • An up-and-coming writer who wants greater exposure.

    • You don't necessarily need experience, but that will help greatly.

  • Flexible with your time and willing to adjust on the fly if need be.

  • Willing to write at least once a week.

    • We understand that writers' block is a real thing, but inactivity is the enemy. It leads to stagnation on you're road to becoming a better writer and the site also needs content.

  • Able to have fun with a sense of humor

    • We're a light hearted group of people and at the end of the day, we want to have fun following and covering the team as any other fan would..


What Specifically Are We Looking For?

  • Game-Day Preview columnist

    • Title says it all. Someone who's willing to write a preview column on gameday.

  • Social Media Manager

    • I handle most of the social media from the Twitter side of things, but we could sure use help on the Facebook side of things and expanding our reach there.

  • Weekly link aggregators

    • We will be starting a weekly column soon that brings together Rockets-related content from across the web and write

  •  Columnists

    • Long-form or short-form columns that are able to discuss and elaborate on a topic with the proper amount of evidence and logic.

How to Apply:

Send an email to RedNationHoops@Gmail.com and in the subject line write "Application - Last name, first name". Within the email include:

  1. Your name, age, and a sentence or two on why you want to write for us.

  2. Also add where you can be found on social media.

  3. If you've written about the NBA or the Rockets before, provide any links to where we can find your work.

  4. A brief writing sample (min. 300 words) with subject matter relevant to the Rockets today. At the time of this writing, training camp has just started. Here are some recommended topics to write about.

    • Who will and should start at starting center this year?

    • How will James Harden fair at point guard this season under Mike D'Antoni?

    • What will be Patrick Beverley's role in this new offense?

Remember that you aren't limited to the suggested subjects and you're free to color outside the lines with a different topic if you please. You will receive an email back as soon as possible as to whether or not you've made it or not.

Important to Remember:

  • Not everybody will make the cut, but don't let it discourage you.

  • There is no limit or set amount for how many people we are going to bring in, but understand there will be competition.

  • Just because you aren't accepted this time doesn't mean you won't get a chance in the future.

  • It helps to have a writing background, but it's not necessary.

  • All positions are unpaid. Although the position is strictly voluntary, this likely will help expand your portfolio for bigger and better things should you choose to continue.

Deadline for applicants is October 7th.

Good luck!

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