Game Preview: Houston Rockets vs Detroit Pistons

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The Houston Rockets sit at 8-5 after a solid win over the Utah Jazz and are on their way to Detroit to take on the Pistons. The Rockets are lead in scoring and assists by James Harden, who scores 28.7 points a game while dishing out 12.5 assists a game, and in rebounds by Clint Capela (8.5 rebounds per game). After Saturday's game, the Rockets rank 4th in offensive rating, 22nd in defensive rating, and 10th in net rating.

The Detroit Pistons are 6-8 on the season after facing an unfortunate injury to Reggie Jackson. The Pistons have been surprisingly average on the boards this season as they have normally been one of the most dominant rebounders in the league (22nd in offensive rebound percentage and 17th in defensive rebounding percentage).  The Pistons are led in scoring by Tobias Harris (16.7 points per game), assists by Ish Smith (6.5 assists per game), and rebounds by Andre Drummond (13.8 rebounds per game). After their close loss to the Celtics on Saturday, the Pistons rank 25th in offensive rating, 8th in defensive rating, and 18th in net rating.

Starting Lineups

Although there was brief injury scare when Ariza bumped knees with a Jazz player, the Rockets' starters all appear to be healthy, so expect to see more of the same. The Rockets are likely to start Monday’s game with James Harden at point guard, Patrick Beverley at shooting guard, Trevor Ariza at small forward, Ryan Anderson at power forward, and Clint Capela at center, with Eric Gordon getting starter's minutes.

With presumed starter Reggie Jackson expected to be out until December, the Pistons have not been able to field the starting lineup they envisioned going into the season.  The Pistons' starters will likely be Ish Smith at point guard, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope  at shooting guard, Marcus Morris at small forward, Tobias Harris at power forward, and Andre Drummond at center.

Three Things to Watch

  • The Beverley effect - The Rockets' bench is competent once again. With Beverley back, Tyler Ennis has fallen out of the regular rotation and that has been huge for the Rockets. With Ennis out, every Rockets' rotation player is NBA quality, which is huge. Watch to see if the Rockets' bench can keep it up.

  • Brewer back from the grave - After being everyone's least favorite Rocket last season, Corey Brewer appears to have rebounded. While his three point shooting has been off (even by his standards) at just below 15%, Brewer has been a useful player. He's shooting just over 58% from the field over the last four games, and has only posted one game with a negative plus-minus in the last six. Watch to see if Brewer is back to being a quality rotation player or if he reverts to being unplayable.

  • CLINT CAPELA CLOSED A GAME - For a while now, many Rockets fans (including me) have been begging to see Capela close games over Nene and it looks like we might start getting what we asked for. Even though Nene got to rest the game before against Portland, Clint nearly doubled his minutes played at 30:31 to Nene's 17:29 and finished the game. Watch to see if this was a one game adjustment from D'Antoni or if he has finally given in and realized Clint often gives the Rockets the best chance to win.

Prediction and Tip-Off

I predict another Rockets' win to keep the positive momentum going against a team that is without their primary playmaker in Reggie Jackson, leaving the Rockets 9-5 on the season.

Tip-off will be at 6:30 P.M. Central Time at The Palace in Auburn Hills, Michigan on Monday, November 21st. It will be televised on ROOT Sports with the radio broadcast on Sports Talk 790-AM.


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