Rockets 133, Suns 102 - Rest is Good

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Get plenty of sleep. If there's only one lesson in the 31-point drubbing the Houston Rockets submitted the Phoenix Suns to, it's surely that rest is critical. If there are two lessons, it's that James Harden is phenomenal and the Houston Rockets are an elite team, despite recent malaise. There were mitigating factors in this rout, but the magnitude of the victory was undeniable. Get your beauty rest, or the Rockets might crush you by 30, too.

Of course, getting in at 4:00 am after a game the previous night doesn't explain it all. The Phoenix Suns were missing Tyson Chandler and Eric Bledsoe, two players who would have helped their team. On the flip side, Eric Gordon sat that game out for Houston due to back soreness. The Rockets have shown that they can win games without key players, and they've proven they can win with zero days of rest by going 12-1 in those games.

Still, get your rest. Even if you win the game tomorrow, eventually travel and fatigue catch up with you. We saw the Rockets have that experience in January, and now we've seen how much better they pay when they have some time to recuperate and reflect at home. The Phoenix Suns will surely play better when they get healthy and rested. They won't play thirty points better, but it's a start.

The actual story of the game was only interesting if you love the Rockets. Houston came out strong, the Suns could barely manage an offense for much of the game, and Houston never trailed. The most notable part of Phoenix's night was Alex Len fouling early and often.

Patrick Beverley had a very nice night for himself, managing a double double with 19 points and 10 rebounds (!) in 25 minutes. He shot 60% from the field, hi all four of his threes, and dished 5 dimes on top of it. If you have Patrick on your fantasy team, collect your winnings.

Game Ball

Despite all that, Beverley doesn't earn the legendary and coveted game ball. That honor goes to James Harden, who set the tone early by coming out of the gates on fire. By the time the third quarter was over, he'd played for 29 minutes and scored 40 points on a mere 17 shots. Fifteen of those were three pointers, and he hit 8 of them. He finished his line with 6 rebounds, 8 assists and, ahem, 8 turnovers.

His high turnover rate remains a sticking point, but not one which will change any time soon. It's simply an artifact of how much he has the ball, and how often he has to make risky passes. Those risks were worth it tonight, as the Rockets cracked 130, even with a number of cold spells.

The Rockets are very good, and it might be because they're getting their rest. It also might be because James Harden is the MVP. We'll just have to keep watching.

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