Rockets 96, Clippers 125 - You Can't Make Me Do This

This is a travesty and I won't have it. Doing a recap on this game is a punishment, do you hear me? Wait, you actually... you actually want to hear about this? What more do you need to know beyond the score? What could you possibly gain from this information? You can't make me do this. I'm going to fight you. I'm going to make you regret this. Not even James Har-


wait, this is too early on why is th

The Dark Game Ball hungers and seethes. It seeks the light, so that it may sully it with its rot and corruption. The Dark Game Ball comes for Trevor Ariza, first of this name, known to the people of Houston as The Twice Fallen Scion. This curse will burn his soul from within until he can get his shot straight and hit literally any of his seven three point attempts. Dribble not too much in the playoffs, Ariza.

-den could achieve his normal efficiency in this slagheap of a game no stop leave me alone I don't want to do this. Do you see? Do you see what you've done? It's not worth it! Just let this game die in infamy as it deserves! What could satiate your need for punishment? Do you want to hear about how the Rockets scored three points in ten minutes going from the late second quarter to most of the way through the third? Are you strengthened, somehow, by this? Or like me and the Rockets are you now appreciably diminished?

If I have to do this, I'm at least going to tell you a lone positive. Montrezl Harrell grabbed a career-high 13 reb-


help this isn't right what's happening to m

The Dark Game Ball gains in power and malice as the suffering and failure mount. The Dark Game Ball cannot be contained. It seeks its next owner and will not be denied. The -27 in +/- is too great a lightning rod. James Harden will be cursed in perpetuity by the glistening, ichor-coated orb. His abysmal 2-9 shooting and his nightmarish 9-14 free throw shooting further doom him. He was once better than this. He once cared to fight. Now he is but a vessel for The Dark Game Ball

-bounds to go with 15 points on 7-12 shooting no you can stop this! Do you see what you've done? Let it die, please. You're playing with fire right now and you don't even realize it. Both of our lives hang in the balance and you want to know more? You want to know how Bobby Brown played? Why do you want to know how Bobby Brown played? Can I tell you about Troy Williams instead? Please? At this point I'll do anything. Troy was actually decent! He shows some promi


no how

You do not understand what you have done. The Dark Game Ball will not be denied. There is one more recipient of this curse, one more fool who has doomed themselves with their hubris. The unearthly orb opens, revealing a blood-red eye bleeding a torrent of viscous, ebon misery. You know, now, who was truly the greatest fool, who deserves this curse the most. You reach out your hands and touch it. It was by your will that you hold The Dark Game Ball. You can never go back. You can never recover.

you should have stopped

You will fall into the earth forever, seeing everything you cared about smeared in your sight like the entrails of a locust on the windscreen

did you really need to know how this game went

We will fall beneath the puckered skin of this world, together. We will combine and separate until there nothing left but oil and teeth. There is no tomorrow

i told you I'd make you pay for this

The Rockets did not care about this game, and they were right to turn away.

You should have, too. And now it's over

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