Report: James Harden Signs New Contract Extension With Rockets

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The Rockets have announced they have signed James Harden to a new contract extension. The extension is for four years and will keep Harden in Houston until the 2022-23 season.

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN then reported the extension will give Harden $228 million, which is the largest contract extension in NBA history.

This summer has been great for the Rockets. They were able to land Chris Paul, sign other free agents that can help and now sign Harden to another contract extension. It was reported in June the Rockets were planning on offering Harden a contract extension for four years and $168 million. It's now official, with the extension for more money than originally reported.

It was smart for the Rockets to get this extension done now. For the second summer in a row, we have seen star players leave their franchises for bigger markets (Kevin Durant, Gordon Hayward). Harden has shown how committed he is to staying in Houston and putting the team in the best situation to win. This extension could also help keep Chris Paul in a Rockets uniform past this upcoming season. Future free agents will see this and that will make Houston a more appealing destination.

Harden will be 28 when the season starts. The extension will keep him in Houston during his prime, which is key. Leslie Alexander and Daryl Morey have done an excellent job of keeping Harden happy with money and giving the best team possible around him. They have made all the moves this summer to try and take the next step as a franchise. With Harden locked in long-term, there is a lot of excitement in Houston.

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