Rockets 118, Pacers 97 - ***Recap Template: Normal***

Tonight, the Houston Rockets proved their mettle once again vs the ***opposing team*** Indiana Pacers. This opponent is a quality basketball team in their own right, but simply didn't have enough ***Positive quality*** talent to hang with the Rockets. Houston got off to a bit of a slow start, but with key performances from James Harden, Chris Paul and ***standout player*** Clint Capela tonight, they were able to overwhelm their opposition and cruise to yet another big win.

It was yet another eye-popping stat line for James Harden as he finished the night with ***insert line*** 29 points, 8 rebounds, 10 assists and only one turnover tonight. He's the clear most important player on the team and he makes it look easy at this point. Even when he's missing shots, he's setting his teammates up to score by generating open looks. It barely seems fair to have him on the court.

Even less fair is having Chris Paul on the floor any time Harden isn't. Chris Paul did what he always does, ***assists vs turnovers here*** with 7 assists to only one turnover. He added in ***list points*** 13 points as well, and at this point any scoring he does is basically gravy. Chris Paul continues to feast on bench lineups, and it remains unstoppable.

The standout this game was ***standout player*** Clint Capela who logged a line of ***insert line*** 22 points and 13 rebounds. He's being put in perfect position by his team, most especially Harden and Paul. If he can keep up this level of play, the sky's the limit for this Rockets team.

They may have looked a bit sluggish to start the game, but nothing so far has suggested they they're like to be punished for it. They're dominant in a rare way, and even giving less than 100% during the first half is enough to let them steamroll their way to a double digit win by the end of the game. It may be playing with fire, but it's the rare team that's hot enough to burn them.

The Rockets put another notch in their belts and now plan how to blow out the next team on the docket.

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