Report: Harden to be Re-evaluated in Two Weeks

By Forrest Walker on January 1, 2018

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The Houston Rockets announced today that the injury James Harden suffered late in Sunday's game against the Los Angeles Lakers is a grade 2 hamstring strain. Harden will be re-evaluated by the team in two weeks and will update his condition at that time. It should be noted that he should not be expected to play at the end of these two weeks; this is simply when they will further project how long the recovery will be.

A grade 2 hamstring sprain involves partial muscle tearing, unlike grade 1, which is merely a pull at worst. Harden was still walking after the injury despite the relative severity, but was unable to continue playing. This injury rules him out for the upcoming game against the Golden State Warriors, and perhaps the last game in that series, to be played later this month.

We can only assume that Chris Paul, recently returned from an adductor strain himself, will take the reins during this period.

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