Rockets 101, Pistons 108 - Slouching Onward

By Forrest Walker on January 6, 2018

The Houston Rockets look tired of everything. They're tired of being injured, tired of losing, and tired of being tired. They looked ready for the end to come tonight in Detroit, losing to the Pistons by a mere 8 points after closing the gap significantly with an ultimately meaningless run. There are too many losses and they look too similar to be dismissed as flukes. There are problems, real problems, and there probably isn't a solution.

The list of what the Rockets did right is as follows: Chris Paul had 13 assists.  That's neat for him! Unfortunately nothing else went their way, and they put up little fight as they flamed out. They got out to an early lead and then promptly forgot how to shoot. This could have been survivable if they had any defense, but they currently do not. Instead, everyone was bad at everything and they lost to a Pistons team missing Reggie Jackson, Andre Drummond and Stanley Johnson.

There's not much to say. We've seen this movie before. We watched a full season of it a couple years ago. If the shooting isn't hot enough, without Harden the offense has no pressure valves and the offense crumbles. More misses means more fast breaks, and then suddenly the Rockets are in the hole and frustrated and wondering when injuries will heal. Frustration leads to bad play, the rest of the defense gives out, and then Tobias Harris has 11 points more than anyone on Houston's team.

They are depleted, depressed and defeated. They need rest, health and wins to get back on track. Currently, they have none. In the meantime, at least nobody on the Rockets played 36 minutes. Small victories will have to do, for the time being. Games resume on Monday. Time to take a breath and then slouch onward.

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