Rockets 105, Clippers 92 - Disrespect

By Forrest Walker on February 28, 2018

With all eyes on a nationally televised game between the Houston Rockets and the Los Angeles Clippers, the world hoped to see a grudge match between two teams with a checkered past. The last time they met, the Clippers took home a win and frustrated the Rockets so much they tried to confront the Clips via a now-infamous secret tunnel. Instead, we were treated to the Rockets showing the Clippers maximum disrespect, dismantling them at the start, and a vision of James Harden obliterating Wes Johnson on the court. The Rockets have now won 14 in a row for the second time this season, and tonight it seemed like they barely even had to try.

The Clippers were down by as much as 27, but then the Rockets took their foot off the gas for a while. It was within single digits for a while, the Rockets cared enough in the fourth to push it back to 20, and then the Clippers closed it up a bit after it was over. Honestly, the Rockets won in the first quarter when they were up 31-7 (!!!) and James Harden pushed Wes Matthews into the phantom zone.

The Rockets never lost in February. They don't respect anyone left on the schedule. This is a the most fun a Rockets player or fan could ever ask for. Here's another picture of Harden staring down Wes Johnson. Good night.

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