Rockets 130, Nuggets 104 - Plan A

By Forrest Walker on February 9, 2018

The Houston Rockets want every night to look like tonight. It's been a longstanding goal of Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey to avoid close games entirely, and instead to just blow everybody out. Houston's wire to wire domination of the Denver Nuggets was a perfect example of what that Plan A looks like. There was no drama, no confusion, no heroic moment. There was only a Rockets team operating at peak efficiency and moving on quietly and easily to the next team on the docket. The Rockets are back in elite form again, and it's a smooth ride.

The hero of the game was Clint Capela, logging 23 points and a career-high 25 rebounds in under 29 minutes. He was a monster on the glass and was a ludicrous 9-15 from the field. Capela needed to take a step this season, and he's stepped into clearly being Houston's third-best player. He won't always have monster nights, but he's enough of a monster that most nights will be easy for his team.

James Harden was a game-high 28 points with 11 rebounds. Chris Paul had a quiet night, but it didn't matter. PJ Tucker played a team-high 30 minutes. The Rockets shot 46% from behind the three point line. The majority of the fourth quarter was utter garbage time and the Rockets led by as much as 35. Eric Gordon returned from injury and shot 44%. There was no bad news. There wasn't even any good news.

There was just a game, going smoothly, slipping quietly into the rearview as the Rockets accelerate toward the playoffs. It might not be dramatic, it might not be exciting, but it's a win. It's Plan A.

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