Report: Rockets sign Clint Capela to Five-Year Deal

By Forrest Walker on July 27, 2018

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The Houston Rockets have announced the re-signing of cornerstone center Clint Capela, confirming reports by Jonathan Feigen and Kelly Iko. The deal is reported to be $90 million over five years, with $80 million guaranteed and approximately $10 million in incentives, according to Shams Charania. With this signing, the Rockets have locked down their three best players through 2022, relieving the largest remaining stress for Houston in this offseason.

This deal closely resembles the initial reported offer Houston made to Capela, which can only be seen as a huge win for the Rockets front office, but less exciting for Clint Capela. This number is a few million per year below the max offer he surely would have preferred, but was seemingly unable to get.

There was concern that Capela might take the qualifying offer, seeking greater fortunes next summer. As the weeks dragged by with no progress, money around the league continued to dry up, eventually leaving Capela with no larger offers even possible. This stalemate had remained one of the largest snags in the league over the summer, with the possibility of Capela leaving the team in a year as a very real and chilling possibility for Houston's long-term prospects.

It seems, however, that Capela was the one to blink, taking an offer somewhat below his worth in a less cash-strapped market. Rather than worrying about losing their best young player for nothing, the Rockets are privileged to instead worry about losing money to the luxury tax. This team will be enormously expensive, but if Capela's showing the 2017 playoffs was any indication of future performance, his bill will be easily worth it.

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