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Re-thinking Rockets young core w/ Chuck (@ChuckingDarts)

Re-thinking Rockets young core w/ Chuck (@ChuckingDarts)

Happy Thanksgiving! Here's a two hour podcast.

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Salman Ali (@SalmanAliNBA) and Chuck (@ChuckingDarts) discuss:

  • A deep dive into how good the Rockets have been 

  • Did either of us expect this?

  • Is Alperen Sengun the franchise player?

  • How should the Rockets build around Sengun?

  • What kind of roster will the Rockets need long-term?

  • Is Jalen Green the most obvious co-star candidate for Sengun?

  • Other potential rostered co-stars (Amen Thompson, Jabari Smith, etc..)

  • Are Rockets fans are overthinking Jalen Green?

  • Who could Houston trade for to put next to Sengun?

  • Salman eats crow on Jabari Smith

  • How the pairing of Smith and Sengun has finally gelled

  • What qualifies as Houston's "core"?

  • Will Jabari outgrow his current role?

  • Where do Sengun, Green, and Jabari rank among other young NBA prospects?

  • How did so many people miss on Sengun in 2021?

All that and more.

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