May 30 • 1HR 20M

What will the Rockets do with the 4th pick in the NBA Draft? w/ Rafael Barlowe


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Salman Ali
Welcome. Let's talk Rockets.
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Salman Ali (@SalmanAliNBA) and draft expert Rafael Barlowe (@Barlowe500) discuss the current crop of young Rockets and the best players of the 2023 NBA Draft.


  • If the Rockets keep their pick, who will they draft?

  • Will a possible Harden/Houston reunion affect the pick? Should it?

  • What does Rafael think about a Harden/Houston reunion?

  • Who is Charlotte going to take at #2 and how will it affect what Portland does at #3?

  • Will Charlotte actually pass up on the chance to draft Scoot Henderson? Will Portland?

  • Will Houston trade-up in the draft? Trade out?

  • Who may fall to Houston at 20th?

  • What will it take for Alperen Sengun to be featured more?

  • What will Ime Udoka do differently to get the most out of the young players?

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